Why Art is Important to Society

Art is important to society for many reasons. It is, first of all, a reflection of the times in which it was created. This means that art can be used to look back at history and understand how people felt about certain events or leaders during their lifetimes.

For example, looking at an oil painting depicting William Shakespeare will allow you to see him just as his fans did during his life. You may even feel like you are getting close to understanding what he was like as a person through this kind of artwork alone.


Art is also important because it inspires others to create great works themselves. A classical music fan might find her creativity spurned by listening to Mozart’s work; for example, she might feel inspired enough to try composing some music herself after hearing how good Mozart sounded on his own. It’s important because it can inspire others to create their masterpieces for the future.

Sharing Experiences

Art is also social in that it allows us to share our experiences through depictions of them on canvases, sculptures, and similar mediums. For example, a painting depicting a war scene may allow you to experience what a soldier saw during their time there without ever leaving your home; this helps you feel as though you have been there yourself! This is important because it allows us to avoid the dangers of these events but still learn from them.

Expressing Views

Art can also be used as a way for artists to express their views about the world around them. Many famous political figures have had works of art created about them by people who admired or hated them; this helps us understand what they were like during life and why some people loved or hated them so much. This is important because we can learn more about politicians and other important people through their art than we might from a biography alone.

Finally, it’s important because it helps us to appreciate what we have. Artists may choose to include messages in their works that remind viewers of the importance of things like love and family; this can help you remember how precious these things are while also helping you appreciate them more than ever before. This is important because it can remind you to hold onto what matters in life.

Types of Art

There are many forms of art, and each form has its tools. To create music, you need an instrument; you need brushes, paints, and canvas to paint a picture. But what about the art of storytelling? How do you go about it?

The first thing that comes to mind is writing, but writing is not the only way to tell a story. The art of telling stories goes back to the beginning of time. Cavemen used to draw images on cave walls, which were then narrated into stories by other members of the tribe. These primitive drawings were also able to convey messages; warnings, messages for other tribes, etc.

So it would seem that drawing was an important tool in early storytelling, but drawings are not limited to cavemen or cave drawings. We all draw every day. A drawing in a diary is a prime example. And a diary entry can be a story in itself.

Then there’s the art of photography. The camera records images and then puts them into a photo album or displayed them on a computer screen or in an art gallery. A photograph can tell its own story, and many photographers have made their living by selling their photos to magazines and newspapers worldwide.

And so it goes on with different types of artistic expression: from cave paintings to digital artwork, from music composition to poetry recitation, from dance choreography to acting performances, from sculpture work to oil painting and watercolor paintings; these days, we can do almost anything with our imagination and creativity, and all of it is art!

Whatever we draw on our canvases or design in our sculptures, it has no meaning if we fail to give form to that already. It doesn’t matter whether the object or idea that you want to convey exists or not; what matters is how you create that image. Not everybody can be an artist, but only some people are artistic geniuses who have a knack for expressing thoughts through their work.

Who We Are

Art Not Crime was created by two artists who are both passionate about the field. We believe that art is a powerful tool for positive change, and we hope that you will join us in our mission to support and celebrate the arts.




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